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head chef

Raisa Alieva

Raisa is continually inspired from fusing traditional recipes using fresh local ingredients to create a modern twist on the traditional dishes she enjoyed in her childhood.

Raisa’s passion for cooking started at a very young age. She recalls making pancakes at the age of five and to always helping her mother in the kitchen. Her passion continued to grow into adulthood.

After graduating from Riga Culinary College Raisa continued to dedicate her life to the preparation of food, participating in seminars and workshops held by the international chef’s association in Europe and in Moscow, training with the famous Arkady Novikov in his restaurants.

In 2010 she represented Latvia in the International Gastronomy festival, held in Istanbul, Raisa won a bronze medal for presenting Latvia’s ethnic dish “Maizes zupa”.

Raisa Alieva is also the Head Chef of My Life Restaurant

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