Ready-made Meals from Nutritious food with seasonal ingredients

Delicious meals

Try our delicious frozen meals!

 And our specials can’t be beat…with delicious seasonal foods You won’t be disappointed.

Tasty Soups

We are excited to serve you our delicious soups prepared by Chefs from around the world.

Sweet deserts

Try our delicious deserts!

 And our daily specials can’t be beat…with delicious food and great pricing. You won’t be disappointed.

HIT Freezing technology


We don’t need them. HIT allows us to preserve the food’s qualities without any additives. Nothing gets added and Nothing is removed – not water, nor Vitamins nor Minerals.

We don’t need hydrogenated fats, sodium or other additives to preserve the food.

HIT preservation process places meals in a glass-like state


New Store in "JAUNĀ TEIKA"

Visit our new shop in “Jaunā Teika” and try one of our special Hits – selected melas from around the world.

”Nurishment for Mind body and Soul.”


A commitment to deliver sustainable , healthy and delicious food servings inspired by recipes from worldwide travels. Guided by the principle of interdependence, we envision a world where food is used as medicine , that each human being has access too.



Reduce food loss & waste 

Serve food as medicine 

Make good food accessible, fun and easy


What we do

We prepare nutritious food from seasonal ingredients and produce ready-made meals. Research and develop products from our production lab. Provide sustainable business models to service ready to eat meals for cafe’s , restaurants and other vendors. Supply nutritious food to hospitals and institutions.


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